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SEVEN reasons to financially support JA Quebec educational programs:


Our mission is to take a proactive approach in developing the business leaders of tomorrow, earlier than the majority of the other stakeholders.


Our Company Program is unique in Quebec. It offers young people a chance to develop their own business as an extracurriculum activity, coached by business consultants.


Young graduates of the Company Program are transformed by their concrete entrepreneurial experience, and 50% of the participants in our programs are more inclined to start their own business, which leads to innovation, new jobs and the creation of wealth. 4
4The statistics included in this document come from an independent study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in 2011.


Since 1962, JA Quebec has directly reached nearly 306,500 young people. We have the expertise to bridge the gap between Quebec’s business community and schools.


Our volunteers from the business community are a source of inspiration for young people and deliver high-quality programs based on four pillars: entrepreneurship, financial literacy, work readiness, and academic success.


Our educational programs address current issues for our youth. More than 65% of participants indicated that their participation in the educational programs of JA Quebec had an impact on their decision not to drop out of school and to pursue post-secondary education.


By helping young people get involved in school, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit at an early age and teaching financial literacy, every dollar invested in JA Quebec creates $45 of wealth annually.

For any question related to donations and partnerships, please contact Anne Riby, Principal director, Strategic Partnerships and communications: ariby@jaquebec.org or 514-285-8944, ext.101

Thanks for supporting JA QUEBEC! Your gift will provide thousands of young with the tools they need to make smart financial decisions, develop a career path, and even start a business.