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For any questions, please contact Claire Keller, Company Program Coordinator at ckeller@jaquebec.org or at (514) 285-8944, ext. 103.

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    Traditionally, the Student Enterprise program is delivered in this layout. Secondary 4 and 5 young entrepreneurs start the program in mid-October and finish at the end of April, for approximately 23 weeks of activities. We offer two evenings of activities, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., in our different centres. The choice of activity centre is at the discretion of the participant. The involvement of your school is mainly at the level of our recruitment: to allow us to meet you in your classes and to let us present the program to your students. In the event that you wish to offer our activity on your premises, a minimum of 60 participants is required. If you offer students from schools surrounding your own the opportunity to join you, it is easier to reach the required number. No fee will be charged to your school for the participation of your students, as the costs will be entirely covered by the student company in the event that it makes a profit.
    For some years now, we have been offering teachers a program tailored to their needs. They deliver the programme within their course and thus give their students the benefit of all the experience of developing a business. Prior discussions will be held between you and the office to set up the program. We advise teachers to form teams of 8 to 15 young people. Some costs will be charged to your school for the use of equipment, training, side activities and administrative support. The only financial obligation student companies will have to the JA Quebec office is the payment of royalties for the use of JA Quebec materials. As for the rest of the profits, the teacher can decide, in agreement with the young entrepreneurs in his or her class, what to do with them. Often, the profits are used to finance a joint project or simply to organize an event.

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    JA Quebec also offers school programs. We come to your classroom to offer workshops lasting around half a day.

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