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In-house presentations provide young people in the Company Program with the opportunity, pleasure and prestige of being officially welcomed by a major company (SME or multinational). This event allows our Company Program volunteers to learn more about the scale of this program and the positive impact their involvement makes for young people. It also allows students to participate in mock interviews and learn the importance of making a first impression.


  • Offering young entrepreneurs the pleasure and prestige of being officially welcomed by a major company (SME or multinational)
  • Promoting JA Quebec events within your business
  • Allowing managers to learn about the scope of the program their company is involved in.


Use of your business’ location such as a conference room, meeting area, executive office, etc. A senior executive of the host company gives a short presentation on their business. The entrepreneurs then make a presentation about their business, using PowerPoint-style visual aids, examples of products, sales or production charts, and any other relevant information. The senior executive then provides a certificate.


At the end of the day, preferably between March and early April, since after the 2nd phase of the program, the entrepreneurs will have more to discuss and will be much more confident. Mondays or Thursdays, if possible, to avoid conflicts with the students’ other activities for the program.


Between 60 and 90 minutes (depending on the number of Company Programs invited).


Check out the photos of the corporate presentations that took place for the 2017-2018 session.

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