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Strategic Alliances

JA Quebec (formerly Jeunes Entreprises du Québec) and its volunteers are dedicated to offering free training for students between 10 and 18 years old to encourage them to make smart decisions about their field of studies and careers, teach them about financial literacy, help them understand business realities and prepare them for the world of entrepreneurship.

We also offer additional activities which enable youth to develop skills such as leadership, creativity, collaboration and problem solving, attributes sought by employers and essential to start a business. We work upstream of other organisations that take over when young people are further along their career path.

What happens to participating students of our programs when they finish high school? Can they still receive training or get information on entrepreneurship? Yes, they can. JA Québec has developed partnerships with other organizations involved with entrepreneurship. These organizations work with young people interested in entrepreneurship, inform them about project opportunities or mentorship, either as part of their studies at CEGEP and University, or when they start a business.

Here is the list of these organizations:

OSEntreprendre has a mission to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in order to help build a proud, innovative, committed and prosperous Québec. Recognizing the human adventure of entrepreneurship and encouraging Education Through Entrepreneurial Spirit in schools characterize its activities. It brings together more than 80 000 participants throughout all 17 regions of Québec, from elementary school to university students, and business starters and entrepreneurs.

ACEE du Québec is an organization whose mission is to contribute to the development of the new generation of leaders by promoting entrepreneurial values through the creation and support of student entrepreneurs clubs at the post-secondary level.

EspaceProf is a French-language blog and podcast run by and for dedicated education professionals. It’s a great place for sharing inspirational teaching moments, getting advice about classroom management or reading solutions-oriented takes on education-related topics. Check it out today and look for their helpful, supportive, and positive content on social media!

Since 2014, every june, thousands of young people aged 5 to 17 launch their one-day business in a festive atmosphere all over the province of Quebec! La grande journée des petits entrepreneurs (the big day) exists to inspire, empower and educate children by creating opportunities for entrepreneurship.


The Réseau des carrefours jeunesse-emploi du Québec is a network of community organizations serving young people. The Carrefours Jeunesse-Emploi are community hubs which guide young adults aged 16 to 35 in their social and economic integration initiatives, helping them on the path to employment, returning to school or developing projects.

Operation Back to School is a Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal initiative designed to encourage school retention by organizing free presentations at Greater Montréal high schools every year. The program also features stay-in-school scholarships of $1,500 awarded to students who have distinguished themselves for their diligence and determination at school during the year.

Founded in 2006, School Success provides homework help, tutoring and exam preparation services to help students succeed academically. School Success also runs a virtual private secondary school recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education and the Magasin Scolaire bookstore. 

L’École branchée offers professional training on teaching in the digital age. The agency is proud to support education about entrepreneurship and has agreed to post articles on its website to showcase school initiatives.   

I choose Montréal is an initiative of Montréal International, Greater Montréal’s economic development agency, developed in partnership with the Government of Québec. I choose Montréal is an invaluable resource for:

  • Letting future international students know about the student experience in Greater Montréal and subsequently supporting them as they decide to live and work in Montréal
  • Supporting employers in the region (foreign and local companies, international organizations, startups) in their recruitment efforts
  • Supporting educational institutions in promoting Greater Montréal’s academic programs