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The JA Quebec educational programs have a tangible and positive impact on youths. These programs allow them to hone the type of leadership and collaboration skills that are highly sought after by businesses, and which are essential to getting into business. Studies have shown that participants are more likely to continue their education and/or become entrepreneurs.



The overall rate of intention to get into business in Quebec (14.8%) remains lower than in the rest of Canada (21.2%).1

JA Quebec’s programs have shown a positive and tangible impact on young people, the business community and society as a whole.

JA Quebec graduates are 50% more likely to launch their own business. This is a major precursor to innovation, job creation and collective wealth.

School dropout rates continue to hover around 27% in Quebec (1 out of every 3 boys and 1 out of every 5 girls quit before receiving their diploma).

Over 65% of participants in JA Quebec state that their participation in the programs had a significant impact on their decision not to drop out of school and to pursue post-secondary studies.

A lack of economic and financial knowledge is a major hurdle to individuals in the long and short terms.
50% of Canadian high school students have debts. 3

Participants in JA Quebec are 3 times more likely to spend less than they earn and are less likely to be unemployed or rely on social support.

1 Source : Entrepreneurship Foundation
2 Source : An independent study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in 2011
3 Source : Canada’s Task Force on Financial Literacy, 2011


With 400,000 volunteers, JA makes a direct impact on the lives of 10 million young people in 121 countries. Our programs foster self-discovery and encourage young people to stay in school, set goals for themselves and attain those goals. By participating in our programs, young people develop skills they will need throughout their entire lives.

Participation in our activities also helps them understand that having a financially independent future is often dependent choices that they make today.

Through contact with role models from the business community, they discover new horizons and new opportunities for the future.

Thanks for supporting JA QUEBEC! Your gift will provide thousands of young with the tools they need to make smart financial decisions, develop a career path, and even start a business.