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Company Program - Secondary 4 and 5

The Company Program offers students a chance to develop their own business as an extracurricular activity. They are coached by business consultants over 24 weeks throughout all stages of creating and running of their business up to the point of liquidity (business plan, financing, human resources, production, sales, etc.)

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Operations Centers

The Company Program is offered as an after-school program at the following Centers:

Ahuntsic College
9155 Rue St-Hubert, Montreal, QC H2M 1Y8

Jean-de-Brébeuf College
3200 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, QC H3T 1C1

Stanislas College
780 Boulevard Dollard, Outremont, QC H2V 3G5

Durocher College
857 Rue Riverside, Saint-Lambert, QC J4P 1C2

Montmorency College
475 Boulevard de l’Avenir, Laval, QC H7N 5H9

This program is also offered directly in the curriculum in some schools, with instruction by teachers and volunteers from the business community.

2171 Boulevard Maurice, Saint-Jerome, QC J7Y 4M7

1275 rue Jarry Est, Montréal, QC H2P 1W9

3791, chemin Queen Mary, Montréal (Québec) H3V 1A8

1055 116e Rue, Saint-Georges, Qc G5Y 3G1

3535 Boulevard Rosemont, Montreal, QC H1X 1K7

901 Saint Louis Street, Terrebonne, Qc J6W 1K1

1000 Bd de l’Avenir, Laval, QC H7N 6J6

4901 Rue du Collège – Beaubois, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 3T4

Module 1 – Starting off on the right foot

  • Team standards
  • Being creative and innovative
  • Coming up with ideas for products or services
  • Startup

Module 2 – Defining the Project

  • Team building
  • Elections
  • Feasibility and market studies
  • Company name, mission, and objectives
  • Creating a prototype (competition)*
  • Pricing the product/service (break-even point)
  • Planning
  • Issuing shares

Module 3 – Building the Business

  • Developing leadership skills
  • Responsibilities of the executive team
  • Making a job application form
  • Administering meetings
  • Opening a bank account
  • Developing a business plan
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Preparing for board meetings
  • Production
  • Creating a logo (competition)*
  • Presentation – sales pitches (competition)*

Module 4 – Managing Operations

  • Business ethics
  • Understanding the law
  • Running the business (production, communication, information technology)
  • Quality assurance and successful companies
  • Preparing annual reports
  • Summary
  • Winding up the company

* Students are also given the chance to participate in additional activities including presentations made at businesses, simulated stock trading, an entrepreneurship conference, a trade fair and an awards gala.

Program Objectives

With the support and guidance of business teachers and volunteer advisors from the local business community, the JA Quebec Company Program gives participating students the knowledge to organise and operate a real business. Students learn about the risks and rewards that come with owning a business and learn how to build positive relationships with the community.

In operating their business, participants sell shares, produce and market a product or service, and appoint a management team that best suits their company. They also learn to maintain and analyse financial records to help them establish and monitor production and sales goals throughout the program.

Additional Activities

On top of the mentorship they receive from business advisors while creating their company, students may also participate in additional activities where they can develop other skills.

  • Presenting their project in a business setting to receive constructive criticism.
  • Participating in a stock market simulation.
  • Participating in a trade show where they sell their company’s products.
  • Participating in the annual JA Quebec young entrepreneurs conference, the largest francophone conference in North America, dedicated to young entrepreneurs aged 16 to 18, which offers them the opportunity to participate in stock market simulations, team-building activities, and friendly business plan development competitions.
  • Participating in the end-of-year gala, which recognises outstanding students.

Key Outcomes

  • Discover the risks and rewards of starting a business
  • Systematically solve actual business challenges
  • Demonstrate the importance of ethical standards in business
  • Foster positive relationships between youth and business communities
  • Learn about incorporation and capitalise by selling shares
  • Impart understanding of teamwork and responsibility
  • Produce and market a product or service
  • Gather data, evaluate alternatives and develop a plan
  • Make effective sales pitches and presentations

I loved the experience of creating a real business! I learned so much and realised that I want to pursue management studies and become a business owner.

Mathis T.


Students leave this program more grown up than when they began. For many of them, it’s an opportunity to make a career choice and to determine the course of studies they will pursue. The impact is so positive! I think all Quebec youth should take part!

Nathalie G.


This program is extraordinary for young people! They are creative and dynamic; it’s stimulating to be able to help train the next generation.

Sylvain M.


Registration Forms

Are you a teacher or school principal? Are you a professional and want share your experience with young people? Does your company want to help prepare the professionals and business leaders of tomorrow? We offer you the opportunity to give local students a unique experience and help the reach their full potential.

For any questions about our Company Program, please contact  Myriam Chayer, Company Program Coordinator, at myriam.chayer@gmail.com or 514-285-8944, ext.103.

If you would like to become a volunteer/mentor for our Company Program, sign up here

Thanks for supporting JA QUEBEC! Your gift will provide thousands of young with the tools they need to make smart financial decisions, develop a career path, and even start a business.