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« The notebook is an excellent guide, providing us with a lot of information, but once in class, I believe the key is to discover what keeps the youth engaged and encourages their participation. I strongly believe that each young person learns in their own way during workshops and retains a lesson regardless of the subject »

Jean Abdallah, Financial Planner at TD Bank

« It is a privilege to be able to connect with these students full of projects and dreams, as well as with all these teachers who have the desire to impart knowledge and passion to their students. Presenting these workshops is pure joy for me. Thank you to JA Quebec for allowing me to meet these students and teachers; in the end, we all come out winners! »

Elise Perreault, Branch Manager at National Bank of Canada

« I had the opportunity to meet elementary and secondary school students to explore the pillars of personal and business development. It was heartwarming to see them amazed by the array of career possibilities they can build from their own imagination, starting right now »

Julianne O. Paradis, B.Com International Management (COOP) student at the Telfer School of Management.

« Between my life as a single mother and my job, it’s true that it’s a daily race, but I always try to find time for volunteering. Sharing my knowledge with young children passionate about the world of finance brings me a lot of joy! Thank you to JA Quebec’s educational programs for placing their trust in us »

Lamiae T., Director of Customer Service at National Bank of Canada

« For them, having an activity like this is the idea of creating a spark, demonstrating that there is a possibility for them to take a different path than working as an employee in a company, but to work for themselves. We are especially grateful to JA Quebec for all the efforts made to find speakers who closely resonate with our students and their field of interest »

Christian Dugas, Professor at Cégep Édouard Montpetit

« Absolutely thrilled to have supported the students of Collège Jean-Eudes with their early-year entrepreneurial projects!                                                         I highly recommend the experience, which combines usefulness with enjoyment »

Hanyin CHEN, CEO and co-founder of ASKaFOX

« I have a professional background, let’s say, …unconventional! And I consider it a HUGE advantage. This week, I led a workshop as part of a high school career orientation class. I shared my knowledge and experience with them, and I introduced them to the various aspects of entrepreneurship, both the positive aspects and the challenges. I believe it’s important to present to the next generation the career options available to them and to encourage them to pursue … unconventional paths »

Olivier Couette, owner of Agrotours Charlevoix

« I would like to thank JA Quebec and Jessika Houde for giving me the opportunity to live my dream by sharing my knowledge in personal finance. I have great confidence in the next generation, which is very attentive and eager to learn more! »

Jeremy Tetreault, Financial Security Advisor and Investment Representative

« It’s a fantastic opportunity to provide young people with a structure and valuable advice from external professionals. It aligns with my personal values of giving back to the community, sharing this with students, and showing them another aspect of the working world—much more practical and hands-on »

Manon Serrault, Assistant Vice President in Legal Affairs at BNP Paribas

« When I was a student, I taught math classes to children; I already had the desire and enthusiasm to support young people in their learning journeys. We also have much to learn from this interaction. Whether through the workshops we conduct or by engaging with this dynamic and eager youth, we have the opportunity to contribute to the impact and commitment of JA Quebec. I believe we also gain a lot from this experience. It’s truly enriching from that perspective »

Clément Thibaudier, Vice President, Global Banking Services – Corporate Financing, at BNP Paribas.

« An essential aspect of my interaction with the youth is being open to the future generation, understanding their mindset, and embracing their ways of doing things. It’s always fascinating to engage with a new group and discover what I can learn from them, just as much as they can learn from me »

Patrick Ghazal, Product Expert at IMDS Software

« What I love about giving lectures is seeing their eyes light up when they hear something that resonates with their reality. I want them to see how the straight line is not the only path. If my lectures enable even just one young person to feel confident in themselves and their future, I will have accomplished my mission ! »

Stéphanie Bernadet, CEO of Naturmania

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