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Unlike other platforms, Simplyk does not charge transaction fees, so your entire donation goes directly to JA Quebec. However, the platform does give you the option to add a tip to help Simplyk keep running its services. If you don’t want to add a tip, in section 03, just choose Other in the drop-down menu and then enter $0.

JA Quebec

Since 1962, through free educational programs delivered by the businees community, JA Quebec has inspired and helped educate students between the ages of 10-18 on work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

JA Quebec bridges education and the business community to help improve academic success, encourage young people to stay in school, make smart financial decisions, start a business, develop a career path and be innovative.

Our programs offer half-day workshops (School programs) as well as weekly coaching and consultation for students (Company program – 23 weeks). The goal is to educate youth on the value of business and the economy while developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

For any question related to donations and partnerships, please contact M’Hamed Mobarki, Senior Advisor, Philanthropic Devlopment and Partnerships management: mmobarki@jaquebec.org or 514-285-8944, ext.102

Thank you !