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COJEQ Young Entrepreneurs Summit

JA Québec is pleased to announce the opening of registration for COJEQ 2023! The event will take place at the Hotel Victorin in Victoriaville from March 17 to 19, 2023. Many thanks to our sponsor Cascades.

The Congrès officiel de la jeunesse entrepreneuriale du Québec, or COJEQ, is an enriching business experience for young people.
The event attracts around 100 attendees, mostly from the Greater Montreal area. You can register, sponsor a student or sponsor the event by completing the appropriate form below and returning it to Alison Harik at aharik@jaquebec.org before friday, february 17, 2023.

During this weekend, young people from 15 to 18 years old got the chance to participate in several activites such as:

– Drafting a complete business plan
– Engaging in business simulations: production and sales strategies
– Competing in an economic competition with prizes


– Learn about the advantages and risks of starting a business
– Develop positive relationships with the business community
– Learn the value of teamwork and a sense of responsibility
– Develop self-confidence
– Learn how to make effective presentations and build efficient sales strategies
– Lay the foundations of your business network

For more information, please contact:

Contact for registration: Alison Harik, 514 285-8944, Ext. 103, or aharik@jaquebec.org

Contact for sponsorship: M’Hamed Mobarki, 514 285-8944 Ext. 102, or mmobarki@jaquebec.org


Thanks for supporting JA QUEBEC! Your gift will provide thousands of young with the tools they need to make smart financial decisions, develop a career path, and even start a business.